How Does VPN Work – What Business Owners Need to Know

Cybersecurity is a concept that all entrepreneurs need to take seriously. The threat of...

VPS House Releases Xeon Silver 4114 and Gold 5118 CPU Models

VPS House a leading provider of dedicated and cloud hosting, today announced the release of two new CPU models for its hosting...

How Multi-CDN and Hybrid CDNs Further Improve Content Distribution

Content delivery networks (or CDNs) offer a reliable content...

NVMe Dedicated Servers Bring Unbeatable I/O Performance

We are introducing a new range of Dedicated Server hosting plans that include support for NVMe, a modern storage protocol that works...

What is the Intel Xeon Scalable Series CPU?

We’re proud to announce that VPS House has two huge new additions to our hardware portfolio – Intel’s revolutionary Xeon Scalable Processors....

What is the Difference Between VPS and Cloud Servers (VPS vs...

There is a lot of talk these days about cloud computing or cloud hosting. Many companies are using these terms loosely...

Disk Broken! Do I Need Offsite Backups?

Most business owners know the value of having data backups...

6 Services to Expect from a Managed Server Provider

The managed server industry is absolutely exploding. In fact...

Factors to Consider When Hiring IT Consulting Companies

IT consulting is a growing marketplace, so it can be hard...

Buyer’s Guide to Intel Xeon Servers

The Intel Xeon line is often the best choice for high-demand servers and workstations...

SaaS Tools That Every Business Needs

SaaS stands for software as a service, and if you weren't aware it's a popular...

A Game Developer’s Guide to Dedicated GPU Servers

A GPU dedicated server is a powerful piece of technology that...

Lowering Capex And Opex In An Expensive Ict Environment

Lowering both CapEx and OEx is often on the foremost goals of organisations regarding their IT...

GDPR Was Just The Beginning The Next Big Thing Is Data...

It’s been 9 months since GDPR came into effect. Whether through a flood of ill-advised emails or having to click through extensive,...

What Is DNS And How Does It Affect Server?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical system for naming devices connected to a network like the internet. Its primary use...
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