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Usually, i am always using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as operating system for Zimbra Mail Server. But, starting from Zimbra 9.x.x, SLES has been deprecated (end of life) and may be will not supported by Zimbra. Therefore, i attempt to using CentOS as operating system for Zimbra. For easy understanding, this is my information system

1. Configure Network

First, we must configure network on CentOS. Assuming name of your network interface is eth0

Restart network service and setup for automatic boot

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2. Configure Disable Selinux & Firewall

Open file /etc/sysconfig/selinux and change SELINUX=enforcing become SELINUX=disabled. Also disable some service such as iptables and ip6tables.

3. Configure /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf and hostname

Open file /etc/hosts and configure as follows

Open file /etc/resolv.conf and configure as follows

Do the following command as root and open file /etc/sysconfig/network to change hostname to the name mail.vpshouse.pro

Change HOSTNAME so that like below:

4. Disable service sendmail or postfix

Do the following command as root

5. Update repo and install packages dependencies needed by Zimbra

6. Configure local DNS Server

Zimbra needed lookup to MX records on domain that used. For that purpose, we can configure dns server on the same machine with Zimbra mail server

Open file /etc/named.conf and add any on listen-on port 53 and allow-query as follows

Create a zone at the bottom of file named.conf as follows

Create database for a new zone who has been created in folder /var/named/

fill as follows

7. Restart Service & Check results configuration of DNS Server

If results from above command like follows, your dns configuration has been success

8. Install Zimbra Right Now

We can download Zimbra Binary from this link http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zimbra-collaboration-open-source.

After finished download, extract Zimbra, move into folder result of extract and install Zimbra

type Y if asking license agreement

Select the packages that will be installed

Type Y if asked The system will be modified. Continue?

If you get message like below, press enter or type Yes and change domain name

If you not change domain name on above section, your domain name will become mail.imanudin.net and email of account will become user@mail.imanudin.net. Type 6 and then press key enter to change password of admin account and type again 4 and then press key enter. Insert your password that you want.

After insert password, Select, or ‘r’ for previous menu. If all has been configured, apply configuration and wait a moment until zimbra finished install

Type Yes if asked Notify Zimbra of your installation? and if has been appeared Configuration complete – press return to exit, your zimbra installation has been finished. Check Zimbra status with this command su – zimbra -c “zmcontrol status” and make sure all service running well. You can also trying access webmail via browser at url https://ZimbraServer


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