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Now that these collaboration tools are becoming so integrated in everyday life, concerns over their security and privacy have been rising. Do you trust these big players enough to collect and share information about yourself or your company?

“As of the end of December last year, the maximum number of daily meeting participants, both free and paid, conducted on Zoom was approximately 10 million. In March this year, we reached more than 200 million daily meeting participants, both free and paid.”

If you are conscious about your privacy, an alternative is to run your own simple and scalable video conferencing tool. This tool can be run on a secure server that you control from a reliable data center and services provider. Apps like Jitsi, an open-source project with a fully secure conferencing platform, allows anyone you’d like to invite to access the video conference from their browser. The developers of Jitsi explain in detail the effort they take to make and keep this platform as secure and private as possible.

To run Jitsi and provide the best experience for your users requires a fast server and the best available network. You don’t want your users to experience poor sound and video quality because your network can’t keep up.

Choosing the right hosting provider that has a reliable and fast network is more important than getting something as common as a VPS or dedicated server. Many hosting providers can provide you a VPS or dedicated server to host your Jitsi platform, but the real question is if they have the necessary bandwidth and low latency connections to the rest of the world.

At VPS House Technology Group, we are proud of our superior global network and highly competitive costs. Our network combined with attractive pricing for both (virtual) servers and network bandwidth is what will enable you to build and run your own secure conferencing platform.

We can provide you infrastructure with up to 100 Gbps or more of connectivity to satisfy even the largest deployments. Send an email to sales@vpshouse.pro to connect with VPS House Technology Group engineers and receive personalized recommendations on how to create the safest and most secure platform for your needs.

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