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6 Services to Expect from a Managed Server Provider

The managed server industry is absolutely exploding. In fact...

What Is NVMe and NVMe Dedicated Servers Bring Unbeatable I/O Performance

We are introducing a new range of Dedicated Server hosting plans that include support for NVMe...

What is the Intel Xeon Scalable Series CPU?

We’re proud to announce that VPS House has two huge new additions to our...

Lowering Capex And Opex In An Expensive Ict Environment

Lowering both CapEx and OEx is often on the foremost goals of organisations regarding their IT...

What is the IPMI? IPMI Guide

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is one of the most used acronyms in server...

6 Things to Look for in the Best DDoS Protection

We live in a dangerous world. All of our personal data is...

What Is High Availability? Do I Need It?

Many businesses have shifted significant portions of their operations to the cloud in recent...

What Is DNS And How Does It Affect Server?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical system for naming devices connected to...

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How to Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins of Fintech Companies?

I have worked with fintech companies around the world for the past four years,...
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You Need to Know About the Costs of Colocation for Your Company

Server colocation is a great choice for companies that are interested in streamlining their...
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Do You Need Your Own Secure Video Conferencing Tool

Now that these collaboration tools are becoming so integrated in everyday life, concerns over...
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Now you are working completely remotely?

Like many companies, a large percentage of VPS House Technology Group’s workforce is now...
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