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Businesses today use more server bandwidth than ever before. With file sizes getting larger and the internet getting faster, this trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

You’ve probably seen companies offering unlimited bandwidth, and while that idea sounds nice, it doesn’t exist.

Just look at one notice a Rogers internet customer in Canada received when they tried to make use of their unlimited bandwidth. Don’t let this happen to your business.

To help your company find the best bandwidth options for your needs, we’re breaking down why unlimited bandwidth doesn’t exist, and the best alternatives.

Why Unlimited Bandwidth Doesn’t Exist

We’ve all seen ads for consumer level internet and cellphone plans offering “unlimited” bandwidth. But the reality is, once you look in the fine print, you’ll see there are limits to this seemingly unlimited plan.

The internet is growing, but unlimited bandwidth still doesn’t exist. Just because retail plans offer “unlimited” data, doesn’t mean it’s really unlimited.

A dedicated server hosting company provides bandwidth between its own servers, the internet, and your company. But to understand why unlimited bandwidth doesn’t exist, we need to talk about what bandwidth is, exactly.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the term used to describe how much traffic a specific network connection can handle.

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For example, a server hosting company needs to connect to the internet to transmit information between your business and its servers. The hosts’ internet connection is limited by how much data can transmit per second through the network connection. For example, the connection may be 100Mbps or 1Gbps.

Now, everyone using that server connection shares that 100Mbps. That 100MBps is also the total bandwidth. If you buy 100Mbps, you’re guaranteeing yourself one-tenth of the line’s total 1Gbps connection. A 100Mbps being utilized 24×7, can transmit 33TB of data in a month. A 1Gbps connection would be capable of 330TB in a month.

Essentially, unlimited bandwidth doesn’t exist because of the network limitations. There’s always a ceiling when more than one business shares an internet connection.

Any company claiming to provide unlimited bandwidth is banking on the fact that every user isn’t going to exhaust the network limitations. If your business tries to use a lot of data, you may be stuck with a shutdown notice.

What Are My Options?

While unlimited bandwidth doesn’t exist, businesses do need to run smoothly to stay ahead of the competition and cater to clients.

This means running at 100% network uptime at all times.

Running over your bandwidth allotment can bring your day-to-day operations to a halt. No bandwidth means no internet connection.

It’s why every business needs to know just how much bandwidth they really need per month. Are you buying too much or too little?

Luckily, bandwidth and server providers now allow for more and more bandwidth options.

From smaller 10 TB plans to 100 TBs and over, VPS House give businesses the tools to focus on their bandwidth needs ahead of time.

Let’s take a look at why you might need to think about upgrading your bandwidth.

How Much Bandwidth is Enough?

That comes down to your business’ everyday needs. It’s impossible to tell how much bandwidth you currently use without looking at your data.

Additionally, it’s impossible to tell how much and how fast your business will grow. Even with projection sheets reading the future isn’t possible.

So, it’s always recommended to buy more bandwidth than you need. As we mentioned before, it’s better to scale into your bandwidth allotment than to exceed it.

When it comes to specific bandwidth usage, that depends on the size of your company, what’s on your servers, and how often you’re backing up that data. Our sales team can help you choose a bandwidth plan that’s right for you.

Can Someone Make Sense of All This?

Of course! That’s what we’re here for. The only way to find out how much bandwidth you’ll need is contacting our sales team!

Bandwidth can be expensive, so we won’t recommend anything you don’t truly need. But if you do need it, then it’s something you can’t live without.

Luckily, we offer bandwidth at varying speeds, as well as easily scalable plans. Whether you need 10 TB or 100 TB, we have you covered.

Your business won’t run out of bandwidth once our experts set you up with the correct plan.

Don’t forget, we also offer various options for server customization! You can choose from a pre-built server, or create your own.

Contact us today and we’ll find the perfect server plan for you.

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