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What is the KeyHelp?

With KeyHelp we provide an among insiders very popular administration tool for your Linux server available (for Ubuntu and Debian). KeyHelp is especially appreciated because the freeware can be used for an unlimited number of domains. The free management software for servers convinces with its clarity coupled with numerous useful functionality.

Basic Conditions

  • Distribution without licensing: use Keyhelp completely free
  • Easy installation
  • No domain restrictions: manage an unlimited number of domains with KeyHelp
  • Suitable for resellers as a white label web distribution: free white label function
  • Available in different languages
  • Supports Ubuntu and Debian
  • You can get support via our forum and optionally bookable support packages

Installation Requirements

  • Operating system: Ubuntu LTS or Debian
  • Memory: At least 1 GB RAM
  • Architecture: 64-bit operating system
  • The installation must be performed on a clean system (minimal image), free of installed/configured software.
  • All required services are installed and configured by KeyHelp.
  • The installation must be done as the root user.

Install Now!

To install KeyHelp log on to your server and execute the following command:

# wget https://install.keyhelp.de/get_keyhelp.php -O install_keyhelp.sh ; bash install_keyhelp.sh ;

Security Settings

Restrict administrative access:
Here you can restrict the login for administrator accounts to one or more IPs or subnet addresses. KeyHelp > SETTINGS > Configuration / Login & session

Add .htaccess in KeyHelp directory to limit by IP.

# Include in .htaccess of any directory
Require all denied
Require ip
Require ip
# If local server access to the directory is required
# add the following; include the server ip addresses (ipv4 & ipv6)
Require local
Require ip
Require ip 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334

Add .htaccess and .htpasswd basic authentication in KeyHelp directory to limit someone. You can use this tool to generate a username and password. For example, the username is adminuser and password is My%TQXC5bH




AuthUserFile "/home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/.htpasswd"
AuthName "Restricted Area"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

How to Custom php.ini and httpd.conf?

For additional Apache settings, you have a setting tab within each domain. For PHP settings you find a setting tab for each User.

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How to Custom MySQL?

MySQL Settings may be changed within /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/90-tuning.cnf


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