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In this tutorial we will learn, how to zip the directory in linux with command line. Zip is a compression and file packaging utility for Linux, Unix, Windows and various Operating system. The zip helps to compress and reduce the size of file and directory. To zip a directory, first of all we will check, do we have zip command installed in Linux system.

The below command will help to find is zip installed or not.

# which zip (It will show the absolute path of zip)

In CentOS

# rpm -q zip

In Debian or Ubuntu

$ sudo dpkg -l zip

If you find it is not installed in system then install with given below command.

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In CentOS or Red hat
# yum install zip

In Debian or Ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get install zip

After confirmation of installed zip package,now we will zip or compress the directory in Linux system. Use the given below command.

# zip -r GiveAnyName.zip /path/of/Directory

for eg.
We have a backup directory in /root/ (i.e /root/backup)

# zip -r backup.zip /root/backup

The command will compress the directory with extension .zip.
In above given eg. the compressed file name would be backup.zip

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